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American Association of Professional Football and American League of Professional Football

Information on the 1894 seasons of the AAPF and ALPF was compiled by Brian D. Bunk. It is based on research conducted by Brian D. Bunk, Grant Czubinksi, Steve Holroyd, Ed Farnsworth and Kurt Rausch. Assistance also came from Christian Hesle, Richie Gillham and Gary James.

Per Brian Bunk: "Much of the information comes from newspaper articles. These sources often contain alternative spellings of names but I've tried to use the most common variants or those from local papers. At times I have made inferences about who a player may have been based on teams, teammates and other chracteristics. This approach is not foolproof and mistakes are inevitable.

"The appearances and goal totals include only confirmed appearances or goals. Information about line-ups and goal scorers is incomplete for both leagues. Some claims about previous teams, especially those in the United Kingdom, could not be verified."

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American Soccer League

Information on the original American Soccer League from 1921 to 1931 is built on information originally researched and compiled by Colin Jose. His seminal work, American Soccer League 1921–31: The Golden Years of American Soccer (1998, Scarecrow Press), forms the basis of this information.

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