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SLSL 1928-29 season

Feb. 7, 2022 |  Categories:  SLSL   St. Louis  

During May of the offseason, Harry P. McCarthy, owner and manager of the Morgan Haulers team, sold his franchise to Dr. John J. Kehoe, reportedly the league's official physician. The transfer was not approved by the stockholders of the Soccer and Exhibition Co. of St. Louis reportedly because the league officers did not wish to have Harry J. Ratican in the organization as a manager. Ratican was related to Dr. Kehoe and it was considered that Harry would be named manager.

The sale of the franchise to William J. Clark was approved by the company. The sale was for a reported sum of $3,000. Clark was a former player, referee, umpire, and south St. Louis politician. Clark would be assisted in the management of the club by his brother, Frank, a former professional league player. The new owners found a new sponsor in the Madison Kennel Club for the former Morgan Haulers team. Jimmy Burke was hired to be the new manager of the team.

Winston E. Barker was again elected president and George Miller, owner of the Ben Miller team, re-elected vice president of the company. Phil Riley was also re-elected treasurer and Willie Foley was elected secretary to replace Harry McCarthy.

Tabler, now managed by Johnny Marre, defended their league title by a single point over second place Madison Kennel Club. But Madison Kennel was the only St. Louis team to make it past the Second Round of the National Challenge Cup having beaten Thistles of Chicago 5-1 before 3838 at Sportsman's Park on February 17, 1929.

On Sunday, March 10, a week after the close of the SLSL season, Madison Kennel put up another 5-1 victory in the Western Semifinal against Holley Carburetor of Detroit before 5000 at Sportsman's Park. A week Later they beat Sparta of Chicago by a score of 7-4 before 9000 at Sportsman's Park. That victory put Madison Kennel in the best-of-three Grand Final against Hakoah All-Stars.

Based in the Bronx, Hakoah was a member of the Eastern Soccer League which was the U.S.F.A. sanctioned league fighting a war against the outlaw American Soccer League. Hakoah blanked Madison Kennel Club 2-0 before 15,000 at Sportsman's Park on March 31, 1929. Needing a victory to keep from getting eliminated, Madison Kennel traveled east for the second match. But, Hakoah was too much, beating Madison Kennel 3-0 at Dexter Park in Queens, N.Y. before almost 20,000 to win the NCC.

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