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AAFL 1905-06 season

Dec. 14, 2021 |  Categories:  AAFL   St. Louis  

Many changes occurred for the 1905-06 Amateur Association Football League season. C.B.C. sold its lower campus which meant the school wouldn't allow the AAFL to play there any longer. C.B.C. dropped out of the league and the priests of the various parishes prohibited the names of churches to be used on the AAFL teams since the games would not be at C.B.C.

As such, the league went through a reorganization spearheaded by new president, Thomas W. Cahill, and the Western A.A.U. president, John J. O'Connor. With a new slate of officers elected, the league ruled that all players must register with the A.A.U. and strict amateurism would be adhered to.

Four completely new teams were formed mostly from players who played in the previous AAFL season as well as amateurs from other leagues. Hibernian A.C. was made up of players from the championship St. Ann's squad. The newly organized Innisfail Hurling and Football Association sponsored a team. The Minstrels were most of the old St. Rose's players. And the Pilgrim Association Foot Ball Union was organized just as the season started and hoped to attract Scottish and English players now living in St. Louis. Finally, the league signed a contract with Henry Kulage to play doubleheaders at Kulage Park every Sunday. Originally scheduled for a 21-game season, the teams ended up playing 16 matches each due to the Innisfails taking the title by a large margin.

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