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Reorganized NAFL 1906-07 season

June 16, 2021 |  Categories:  NAFL  

A new National Association Football League was formed starting with the 1906-07 season. The league would be the home to most of the best New Jersey, as well as New York metro, clubs. While we have final standings, all results of those games have not been verified. Teams were scheduled to play a 22-game series, but the Scots and West Hudson played a final "special match" at the end of the season to break the tie for first place. West Hudson won that match 3-0 on June 23rd in Newark to take the inaugural championship.

While the NAFL allowed professionalism, many clubs also fielded teams in New Jersey and New York amateur leagues. Prior to the season the Bronx Rangers joined the Gordon A.A. and became the Gordon Rangers.

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