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Inaugural SNEL 1914-15 season

Sept. 22, 2021 |  Categories:  SNEL  

In its second season as an organization, the Southern New England Football Association organized the Southern New England League during the summer of 1914. Seven clubs joined the league: J. & P. Coats F.C. from Pawtucket; New Bedford F.C.; Pawtucket F.C.; Taunton City F.C.; the Young Men's Catholic Total Abstinence Society F.C. of New Bedford; Fall River Rovers and Greystone from North Providence. The latter two clubs never played a match in the league. The Rovers withdrew the week before the season began because several of the other clubs were playing matches for less than 25 cents admission - an amount too low for the Rovers' liking. Greystone withdrew in order to meet the U.S.F.A.'s requirement that they fulfill their obligations in the Rhode Island League. Since it was impossible for that club to raise two teams, they forfeited their franchise "in the big league" a few weeks into the season without having played a single match.

The two New Bedford clubs were the best teams in the league with New Bedford F.C. taking the championship. The Coats were a close third to the "Temps" with Pawtucket and Taunton City far behind. In the offseason, at the league's annual meeting in late May, Taunton City withdrew due to lack of financial support.

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