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WSSFL 1933-34 season

Dec. 14, 2022 |  Categories:  Wisconsin   WSSFL  

During the Wisconsin State Soccer Football League's annual meeting on July 19, 1933, the organization's rule limiting competition to just amateurs was struck from the by-laws. That meant professional players were eligible to compete in the league when play resumed in the fall. It also meant that a number of teams acquired sponsorship for the upcoming season. Teams in Milwaukee taking on the names of their sponsor were Deutscher Sport Club-Blatz, Bayern-Schlitz, and Wacker-Cream City Sausage.

The Deutschers won their third WSSFL title in a row beating the Cream City Sausages by three points. With the Milwaukee Deutschers second team leaving for the Milwaukee Municipal League the Deutscher Sport Club of Racine easily won the Division B WSSFL title.

On May 13, 1934 the Cream City Sausages beat Viking A.C. of Racine 6-3 at Bayern field to win the Wisconsin State Challenge Cup final. It was the Wackers third victory in the cup since 1930 giving them permanent possession of the Bunde & Upmeyer Co. trophy first offered five years before.

Vienna A.C. won the National Challenge Cup Wisconsin qualifying rounds beating the Wackers 2-0 on December 10, 1933 at Vienna field. They would then face off against the Ravenswood Scots of Chicago in the final qualifier.

On December 17, the teams met at Vienna field and drew 2-2. The following Sunday, Christmas Eve, the teams met at De Paul Stadium in Chicago. The clubs drew again 3-3 after 30 minutes of extra time. A third game was played on January 7, 1934 at Wacker field with Vienna winning 1-0 in extra time. But, Vienna lost 2-1 to Slavia of Cleveland at Slavia Field on January 21 in the first round proper of the NCC.

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