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WSSFL 1930-31 season

Dec. 11, 2022 |  Categories:  Wisconsin   WSSFL  

The Wisconsin State Soccer Football League remained at six clubs for the 1930-31 season. The Deutscher Sport Club of Kenosha moved up from Division B to replace the Sheboygan Sports Club which moved to the Eastern Wisconsin Soccer Football League. The other five teams remained the same. Deutscher Sport Club, Deutscher Sport Verein, Vienna A.C., and F.C. Wacker all from Milwaukee returned along with Viking A.C. from Racine.

Division B grew to five clubs. The F.C. Wacker second team withdrew from Division B prior to the 1930-31 season. But, Deutscher Sport Club of Racine and the Viking A.C. second team returned along with new teams, Madison S.C. from Madison, the Deutcher Sport Club of Kenosha second team, and the Viking A.C. third team. F.C. Wacker also won the 1930-31 Wisconsin Challenge Cup.

The traditional double round-robin schedule split into fall and summer halves again returned. The Division A competition ended with a tie at the top of the standings between Deutchers Sport Club of Milwaukee and Deutscher Sport Verein. The two clubs met in a playoff game on May 24, 1931. Deutscher Sport Verein beat Deutscher Sport Club 2-1 to win the 1930-31 WSSFL Division A title. The Viking A.C. second team barely edged Madison S.C. to take the Division B title.

All the WSSFL Division A clubs from Milwaukee entered the National Challenge Cup qualifying rounds. In the second qualifying round F.C. Wacker defeated Deutscher Sport Club 4-3 on November 30, 1930 to advance as the Wisconsin district finalist. But the Wackers lost to the Maccabee All-Stars in the third qualifying round on December 14.

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