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WSFA 1921-22 and 1922-23 seasons

Dec. 2, 2022 |  Categories:  LSAFL   Wisconsin  

Following the abbreviated 1920-21 season, the Wisconsin State Football Association - Lake Shore Soccer League met in late September 1921 and attempted to organize the 1921-22 league season with only three teams - Horlick of Racine and MacWhyte and Simmons of Kenosha. With soccer players from Racine, Kenosha and Zion City leaving the area due to industrial conditions, the league was not able to launch.

The Horlicks and MacWhytes only played a handful of games each during the 1921-22 season. Simmons again entered the National Challenge Cup. After receiving a bye in the first round, the team beat Gary F.C. in the second round and Bricklayers F.C. of Chicago in the third round. On Christmas Day 1921, Pullman F.C. defeated Simmons 3-2 in extra time at Bricklayers' Field in the fourth round of the Illinois-Wisconsin District. The Simmons team would disband in 1922.

During the WSFA annual meeting in early March of 1922, the organization made a change in its bylaws whereby every team in the association would have representation on the board of governors. That gave Milwaukee ten representatives, Kenosha two, and Racine one.

The WSFA's state league was also dormant during the 1922-23 season. The Horlicks of Racine would play a handful of matches during the fall of 1922 before finally disbanding that winter when several star players left during the ongoing economic troubles. At the same time, the Viking A.C. of Racine organized out of that city's Danish-American A.C.. That new soccer team played a handful of games in the fall of 1922 including three matches against the Horlicks.

Composed largely of the previous year's Simmons roster, the MacWhytes entered the National Challenge Cup. On October 15, 1921 they beat Chicago's Sparta Union Second team 3-0 before losing in the second round of the Illinois and Wisconsin District 1-0 to the Bricklayers on November 5, 1921 at White City Park. In between those matches, the MacWhytes won the Wisconsin State Cup beating F.C. Wacker of Milwaukee 6-0 on October 22, 1921 before 1600 at Kenosha.

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