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NAFL 1918-19 season

June 30, 2021 |  Categories:  NAFL  

In the offseason, Disston, West Hudson and Jersey A.C. all dropped out of the league due to lack of available players because of the war effort. The Merchant Shipbuilding Corporation's soccer club out of Harriman, Penn. joined the league to bring the number of members to six. While Merchant Ship's first team became a member of the NAFL, their B team took part in the Delaware River Shipyard Soccer League. Matches during the middle of October were postponed due to the worldwide influenza pandemic but, except for a few forfeits, all teams eventually finished their full schedules.

In January, Scottish-American, one of the oldest clubs in the country, disbanded after five games when most of its players had been called up due to the war. The Scots were replaced in the schedule and standings by the Robins Dry Dock & Repair Company team from Brooklyn. Bethlehem Steel easily won the league championship but an additional game was played between Paterson and Merchant Ship to break a tie for second place. The latter club took that match 5-2.

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