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WSFA-LSAFL 1919-20 season

Nov. 28, 2022 |  Categories:  LSAFL   Wisconsin  

The Lake Shore Association Football League met during July of 1919 for the first time in two years. The league was dormant during the 1918-19 season due to the lack of players available. On July 28, 1919 the league met at Horlick's club rooms in Racine. The league reorganized for the 1919-20 season and, as it had the privilege of becoming affiliated with the U.S.F.A., decided to change its name to the Wisconsin State Football Association. While the organization's official name was the Wisconsin State Football Association the league itself was regularly referred to both by the WSFA and Lake Shore League monikers.

The Horlick, Simmons, and Zion City (representing the Marshall Field lace factory) teams returned from the hiatus. A new MacWhyte team was organized and two new teams, Ernst Books from Kenosha and the Milwaukee All-Stars, joined the reorganized league.

The double round-robin season was split into fall and spring halves. The fall half began in late September and ran through October. A week later, the WSFA held the Wisconsin State Cup during November of 1919 with only the six WSFA teams taking part. The final was held on November 2, 1919 at Hooligan Park in Kenosha. The MacWhytes took the Uihlein Cup beating Horlick 2-1 before the 600 in attendance.

The WSFA spring half began in mid-April of 1920 and ran through May. Simmons won the title over second place Horlick.

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