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NAFL 1914-15 season

June 24, 2021 |  Categories:  NAFL  

During the offseason the league felt 12 teams was too many and formally dropped Wilberforce FC. & St. George F.C. The Newark Caledonians also dropped out right before the season started leaving the league to carry on as a 9-team concern. The Brooklyn Celtics would have been the Caledonians replacement in the NAFL if the Newark club had given their resignation in more time.

The Scottish-Americans moved from Harrison Oval to Clark's Athletic Grounds in East Newark. Restrictions on the gate in Brooklyn on Sundays precipitated a move in early November by the Brooklyn F.C. from Marquette Oval to Harrison Oval in New Jersey. The league ruled against the move and Brooklyn appealed to the U.S. Football Association. The USFA told the club to seek redress from the New Jersey State Football Association which did not sustain the league's decision. The True Blues withdrew in mid-January with 10 games left to play. The league awarded 2 points for each game canceled for clubs still having games with the True Blues on the schedule.

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